5 March 2010
1.30-2.15 Invited Talk
Howard Ho - IBM Almaden Research Center: Integrating Linked Open Data Sources about Financial Companies: Experience and Lessons Learned
2.15 - 3.00 Panel
Database and semantic web: issues and challenges
Howard Ho - IBM Almaden Research Center
Felix Naumann - Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam
Sonia Bergamaschi - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia


3.00 - 3.30 Coffee Break


Session 1: Searching for data


3.30 - 3.55 Fausto Giunchiglia, Uladzimir Kharkevich, Alethia Hume, Piyatat Chatvorawit: Semantic Flooding: Search Over Semantic Links
3.55 - 4.20 Soner Kara, Ozgur Alan, Orkunt Sabuncu, Samet Akpinar, Nihan K. Cicekli, Ferda N. Alpaslan: An Ontology-Based Retrieval System Using Semantic Indexing
4.20 - 4.45 Paolo Cappellari, Roberto De Virgilio, Antonio Maccioni, Michele Miscione: Keyword based Search over Semantic Data in Polynomial Time


Session 2: Techniques for mapping


4.45 - 5.10 Paulo Maio, Nuno Silva: Ontology Alignment Argumentation with Mutual Dependency Between Arguments and Mappings
5.10 - 5.35 Carlos Pires, Paulo Sousa, Zoubida Kedad, Ana Salgado: Summarizing Ontology-based Schemas in PDMS
5.35 - 6.00 Denilson Barbosa, Paolo Atzeni, Paolo Cappellari: A Framework for Automatic Schema Mapping Verification Through Reasoning



6 March 2010


Session 3: Data Management


9.10 - 9.35 Yusuke Tanimura, Akiyoshi Matono, Steven Lynden, Isao Kojima: Extensions to the Pig Data Processing Platform for Scalable RDF Data Processing Using Hadoop
9.35 - 10.00 Thorsten Möller, Heiko Schuldt: Optimized Data Access for Efficient Execution of Semantic Services


10.00 - 10.30 Coffee Break


Session 4: Entity Analysis


10.30 - 10.55 Heiko Stoermer, Themis Palpanas, George Giannakopoulos: The Entity Name System: Enabling the Web of Entities
10.55 - 11.20 Zoltan Miklos, Surender Yerva, Karl Aberer: Towards better entity resolution techniques for Web document collections
11.20 - 11.45 Milos Krstajic, Florian Mansmann, Andreas Stoffel, Martin Atkinson, Daniel Keim: Processing Online News Streams for Large-Scale Semantic Analysis
11.45 - 12.10 Marcin Sydow, Mariusz Pikula, Ralf Schenkel: DIVERSUM: Towards Diversified Summarisation of Entities in Knowledge Graphs